From nowhere we came, into nowhere we go. What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night.

~ Attributed to Crowfoot

Help the Captain get his spaceship!

Mithril Angel Wings

It’s here! My Kindle is here!

Pull to open tab on the Kindle box

Gadget geek bliss ^.^ Photos of the unboxing follow…

View into the open Kindle box

So excited to open it up it… took about a month to ship and finally get here. I did that indecisive waffling thing where I couldn’t decide which version to get, went on vacation, forgot to order anything, and returned to find all were sold out anyway. Go me! Oh well, the anticipation is almost as good as having it in hand (no not really, I complained every day it didn’t show up in the mail and tore into that box within five minutes of delivery).

lifting the Kindle out of its box

I have to admit, Amazon got me with their sneaky sneaky color choices. I don’t really need the 3G version that can download books anywhere their 3G coverage is, I could make do with the wifi-only model. I did however want a normal white version. White used to be the only option, so of course as soon as I grudgingly resigned myself—errr—decided to get the cheaper model and save 50 bucks, I found that it only┬ácomes in “graphite.”

They’ve heavily advertised with their new gray Kindle, the first to branch out color-wise, but since I already have a small army of sleek black gadgets I really wanted this one to be different. Also, while I am thrilled at the idea of fitting an arsenal of books on one handheld device instead of the many bookcases mine normally take up, I can’t shake the idea that paper pages are white, and my e-reader should at least bear that much similarity throughout.

Unboxing the Kindle

It was nestled very nicely into its box, with quick start guide and charger tucked snugly beneath. I neglected to order a case at the same time as my Kindle, so I’ve been using the quick start guide as a de-facto cover every time I tuck it into my purse. Case is on its way now though, as I can just imagine my keys or other pointy purse dwellers gouging into that nice matte screen.

peeling the plastic film off the Kindle

I actually thought on first glance that the instructions for charging were printed on the plastic sheet… quite entertaining to find they were the starting ink screen display.

Kindle with bird screensaver

Powered up and ready to go! My Kindle endeared itself to me by showing birds as its very first screensaver. For the past year or two I’ve had this odd obsession with birds, in art or other objects (jewelry… salt shakers…) I’m sure this is random, but it’s almost like Amazon just KNOWS what my preferences are… hmmm…

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